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Brave's privacy-focused browser rolls out a version for Apple's M1 Macs

If Chrome, Safari and Firefox aren't enough, then maybe this is the right browser for your new Mac.


If you have a new M1-powered Mac and you’re looking for a non-Apple, non-Google, non-Mozilla browser, then good news, Brave has updated the release channel of its privacy-focused browser with native Apple Silicon support. At the moment, the Microsoft Edge team is still testing M1 support in its Canary release channel.

In case you’ve forgotten, it’s the Chromium-based browser that blocks ads and trackers by default, while also implementing its own token system that’s intended to compensate creators — occasionally controversially. It recently rolled out an integrated news reader, and claims some 7 million or so active daily users.

Just as we’ve seen with the other browsers based on Chromium, switching to a version built for the ARM processors in new Macs should increase performance and extend battery life. This version also fixes video playback on IMDB and HBO Max, even if you don’t have an Apple machine with the new chips inside.