Apple to reportedly start building the iPhone 5S in March, launch set for June

Brad Reed
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Apple iPhone 5S Rumor
Apple iPhone 5S Rumor

Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek packed a ton of Apple (AAPL) information in his latest research note, including updates on Apple’s long-rumored television set and its more recently rumored “iPhablet.” On tidbit that we shouldn’t overlook, however, is that Misek’s supply chain sources say that they’re slowing down iPhone 5 production to prepare for production of the next-generation iPhone 5S starting in March. Per Barron’s, Misek says that Apple is aiming to launch the newest version of the iPhone in June, likely during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Although there is a chance that the 5S could be delayed until July, Misek thinks this is unlikely because components-wise there are “few changes for the iPhone 5S vs. the iPhone 5.”

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