Apple reportedly expanding iPhone trade-in program to Europe

Jacob Siegal
Apple reportedly expanding iPhone trade-in program to Europe

Back in August, Apple launched the iPhone Reuse and Recycle Program in the U.S. that allows iPhone owners to trade in old iPhone models in order to save on new ones. Although the program is currently only available at U.S. Apple Store locations, a source has informed 9to5Mac that Apple is bringing the program to Europe in the coming months, and Apple has already begun to prepare “training materials for its United Kingdom retail staff.” 9to5Mac points out that the U.K. has the second most Apple Store locations behind the U.S., so the expansion will likely start there, but will only be the first step in the international growth of the iPhone Reuse and Recycle Program. Brightstar is expected to handle trade-ins in Europe as it does in the U.S.

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