Apple releases iOS 7 beta 4

Zach Epstein

iOS 7 Beta 4 Download
iOS 7 Beta 4 Download

After a one-week delay following a huge security breach that forced its developer portal offline for days, Apple has finally released iOS 7 beta 4 for the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch to developers, just as BGR exclusively reported would be the case. Apple’s third iOS 7 beta was released three weeks ago and it was packed full of bug fixes and refinements, but we’re still working with early beta software so of course there were plenty of issues left for iOS 7 beta 4 to address. Apple will release iOS 7 to the public this fall alongside the new iPhone 5S, a new iPad and possibly a new entry-level iPhone dubbed ”iPhone 5C“ as well. In the meantime, those with developer accounts can update to iOS 7 beta 4 over the air (OTA) beginning immediately and the new OS files should be available on Apple’s iOS developer website momentarily.

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