Apple Orders 10 Million iPad Minis [REPORT]

Todd Wasserman
October 8, 2012
Apple Orders 10 Million iPad Minis [REPORT]

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Apple has ordered more than 10 million units of a smaller version of the iPad for the fourth quarter -- about double the amount Amazon has ordered for the Kindle Fire -- according to a report.

The Wall Street Journal cites unnamed Chinese suppliers for the report about the 7.85-inch tablets. Apple hasn't confirmed the launch or existence of such a tablet, but the company is rumored to be planning an Oct. 17 launch event for the product, which has been called the "iPad Mini" by the press.

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An order of 10 million illustrates tremendous confidence in demand for such a product. In its fiscal third quarter, which ended on June 30, Apple sold 17 million iPads vs. 11 million in the second quarter. It's not clear what effect a smaller iPad would have on the larger units. The production of a smaller version is something of a surprise: Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs had previously pronounced 7-inch tablets dead on arrival.

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