Apple’s new iPads are cheaper than ever – if you’re a student

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This app shows how Apple might implement 3D tech into the iPhone and iPad

Apple has included its iPads in the Apple Store for Education section, 9to5Mac reports, meaning that buyers who are either working or studying in higher education can purchase a new iPad Air or iPad mini for less than their regular prices.

In the U.S., prices for the iPad mini, Retina iPad mini and iPad 4 start at $20 below regular cost, while the iPad Air purchased with education pricing costs $30 less. That means 16GB Wi-Fi versions of Apple’s four iPads available in its online and retail stores will cost $279, $379, $379, and $469, respectively.

The same discounts are available for any other iPad models purchased from Apple.

The deals will be available both in the U.S. and in international markets (in France for example, users can get between 5% and 7% off the regular price with the education program), as long as buyers qualify for such purchases.

Apple has recently expanded its iPad trade-in program in more markets, offering tablet owners the option of handing in their working older-generation iPad for credit that can be used towards the purchase of a new device.

Although it’s not explicitly mentioned, the two programs should be compatible, meaning that iPad owners could turn in their old devices for credit, and then use that credit for new iPad purchases made via Apple’s education program.

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