Apple has enough cash on hand to buy Visa, Cisco or Intel

Brad Reed
January 26, 2013

Apple Cash Analysis
Apple Cash Analysis

Despite concerns about its future growth, Apple (AAPL) is still a cash cow. Benzinga, noting that Apple’s most recent earnings report shows that the company has a whopping $137 billion in cash and cash equivalents, has some fun by making a list of all the companies that Apple could buy just by using the cash it has on hand. Among the top contenders are credit card giant Visa, with a market cap of $106 billion; networking equipment titan Cisco (CSCO), with a $112.13 billion market cap; semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm (QCOM), with a $110.6 billion market cap; and chip vendor Intel (INTC), with a $104.58 billion market cap. Unfortunately for Apple, Google’s (GOOG) $247 billion market cap puts it out of the company’s range, as does Microsoft’s (MSFT) $233 billion market cap.

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