Apple’s AirPods may finally launch next week

Back in the good ole' days, Apple would announce a product and you'd be able to pick it up in stores within a week or two. In fact, the Apple faithful, way back when, used to mercilessly mock tech companies who were prone to unveiling vaporware or introducing products that weren't set to ship for months if not years on end.

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Apple isn't quite that bad, but in recent memory, the company has seemingly fallen into a trap of unveiling new products before they're necessarily ready to ship. The most recent example of this is the company's AirPods. Originally introduced alongside the iPhone 7, Apple's AirPods were positioned as a sleek and high-tech solution designed to address complaints surrounding Apple's removal of the iPhone 7's 3.5mm headphone jack.

When Apple introduced its new wireless headphones in early September, the company said it would ship sometime in late October. However, with November steadily approaching, Apple about two weeks ago released a statement indicating that there would be a slight delay.

"We don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready," Apple said, "and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers.”

Since then, it's been radio silence from Apple. Not only do we have no idea as to what kinks Apple wants to work out, we haven't heard a peep as to when Apple's AirPods might see the light of day.

Until now.

According to the German-language Apple website, Apple's AirPods will be shipped to stores on November 17 ahead of a launch set for November 18 or 19. The rumor comes from an employee at Conrad, an Apple re-seller in Europe. Of course, as with most Apple rumors, you might want to take this report with the requisite grain of salt.

That said, you can bet Apple is doing everything in its power to ensure that its AirPods are available before the busy holiday shopping season gets rolling.

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