New app brings NSA-proof messaging to Android

Zach Epstein
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Encrypted Messaging App Android
Encrypted Messaging App Android

Whether or not you have something to hide, online privacy is an issue we can’t afford to ignore anymore in light of hackers running rampant and the recent revelation that the NSA is monitoring our communications much more actively than we thought. As users continue to look for solutions that provide secure communications on smartphones, Android device owners now have a new option in Wickr. The new app was released this week and like its iOS counterpart, it combines optional Snapchat-like self-destructing messages with military-grade AES256, ECDH521 and TLS encryption. It might not be the prettiest messaging app out there but for those concerned with security and privacy, it’s likely one of the best. Wickr is available immediately in the Google Play store for free, and a link to the app page is included below.

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