'Most Good Girl.' Please Be Advised That a Beloved Therapy Dog Made the School Yearbook

Does Miss Peanut get a diploma?

Miss Peanut is one of the cool kids. She’s a therapy dog who appears to have showed up in a yearbook photo for a school, location not identified. But she’s stolen the hearts of the internet — and clearly was beloved enough at the school to deserve her own spot in the yearbook’s hallowed pages.

According to a Twitter user who uploaded the photo, she’s the school’s therapy dog and “the Most Good Girl.” Another Twitter user chimed in to say that she’s part of Canine Companions, an organization that provides “Highly trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, provided free of charge, since 1975.”

And Miss Peanut is not alone: a number of other Twitter users have chimed in to share their own photos of dogs in yearbooks to discuss including the “Canine Good Citizens” (as one school put it) in the institutional memory of these places of education.

No word yet on whether other types of therapy or emotional support animals are getting this kind of official, historical recognition. Peacocks may not be winners among the kids these days, but you never know.

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