It's Easter so here's the Easter Bunny destroying a Teddy Roosevelt mascot

The Easter Bunny can be a savage creature.

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During today's presidential mascot race at the Washington Nationals game, the Easter Bunny made what's becoming a traditional appearance to lay the smack down on Teddy Roosevelt. 

Check it out from a different angle.

@teddy26nats meets the Easter Bunny. Oh Teddy. #Nats

A post shared by Scott Ableman (@letteddywin) on Apr 16, 2017 at 12:02pm PDT

Brutal. Just brutal. 

During fourth inning of each Nationals' home game, the team holds a mascot race involving a group of notable presidents including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. 

And the world's most famous rabbit has been doing this thing for a few years now. 

For instance, here's 2014 when the Bunny went for Teddy and took out even more in an apparent deal with William Taft (one of several mascots who have been used in the past by the team). 

And in 2015, the Bunny again took out Teddy but only after making sure he made his presence known elsewhere. 

The presidents have long had plenty of fun at the Nationals games, including a sword fight and a cameo from VEEP's Selena Meyer.

No word if the savage bunny was actually Sean Spicer in disguise

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