Apartment Complex Moves to Evict Woman After Racist Abuse of US Soldier Caught on Camera

An apartment complex in Fayetteville, North Carolina, said it had begun a legal action to terminate the residency of a woman after she was caught on video shouting racist slurs at a US paratrooper.

The soldier, Diamonte Ugbesia, told Storyful he pulled up to the Kings Cross Apartments on June 25 and heard a woman screaming, “I hate black people.” Ugbesia followed her voice and when the woman spotted him, she began verbally abusing him.

This video, filmed by Ugbesia, begins with another man telling the woman that she needs to “stop screaming.” The woman turns to Ugbesia and demands that he “get the f*** back down” before telling the other man that he “better kill that motherf***ing n*****.”

Ugbesia told local media: “I got deployed to Afghanistan. Me coming home from Afghanistan serving my country to a person saying they hate me based off my skin color? That’s what I was mad about.”

The apartment complex’s management said in a statement that it was taking action to evict the woman. Credit: Diamonte Ugbesia via Storyful

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