AOC challenges Trump to release his college transcript after he called her a 'poor student' on Fox News

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has challenged Donald Trump to release his college transcript to compare grades, saying she would do the same.

The New York freshman congresswoman issued her challenge to the president after he said on Fox News on Thursday that she was "not even a smart person" and was "a poor student" during her time at Boston University.

It is, of course, doubtful he would know anything about her academic standing at the school since her transcript is private. But Ms Ocasio-Cortez signalled on Thursday she would be willing to share her college grade sheet if the president is willing to share his.

"Let’s make a deal, Mr. President: You release your college transcript, I’ll release mine, and we’ll see who was the better student. Loser has to fund the Post Office," she tweeted, taking a dig at Mr Trump's attempts to undermine the US Postal Service before a November presidential election that is expected to be conducted with millions more mail-in ballots than usual.

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