Can anyone carry a handgun without a permit, anywhere, under Indiana's new law? Nope

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Indiana's new law allowing adults to carry a handgun without having a license doesn't apply to everyone or every place.

For instance, guns still are prohibited on school grounds, school buses, in airports and on planes. The law, IC 35-47-2-1.5, also allows private businesses to prohibit firearms from their property. It is effective July 1.

Monroe County gun restrictions

The legislation includes a provision allowing county, city and town officials to restrict firearms from any building that has a courtroom. Monroe County commissioners took action in that regard this week, when they voted to add two public sites — the Health Services Building and the Youth Services Bureau — to the county properties where handguns aren't allowed.

The others on the list are the Zietlow Justice Center, the Monroe County Courthouse, the Curry Building and the community corrections program headquarters. All have courtrooms or rooms used for judicial proceedings or administrative hearings.

There was no public comment on the issue at the commissioners' Wednesday meeting; the ordinance passed 3-0. "It's really important for all of us and our safety," commissioners' president Julie Thomas said.

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Not everyone can carry a handgun

This change in the law also doesn't apply to everyone.

Anyone designated a "prohibited person" cannot carry a handgun, with or without a permit. This includes: people convicted of a crime punishable by more than a year in jail, people convicted of domestic violence, battery or stalking; anyone with a restraining order against them; people with documented mental health disorders; and anyone ever committed to a mental institution or dishonorably discharged from military service.

The law also prohibits people age 18 and younger, and nonlegal residents, from carrying handguns.

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Police: Get free state permit

The Bloomington Police Department website offers advice for those with questions about the new law, and suggests getting a free state permit.

"If you are considering carrying a handgun and are not certain as to whether you fall under one of the categories, the Indiana State Police recommends you apply for a state-issued handgun permit." it says.

The permit, which includes a clear criminal background check, also might be required if someone wants to carry their handgun in another state that has restrictions.

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