Anti-Trump Republican group releases new ad with laugh track mocking president

Gino Spocchia

An anti-Trump Republican campaign group used the US president’s damning interview with Fox News to create a sitcom-style attack ad against the US president.

The Lincoln Project advert released on Tuesday – labelled ‘Trumpfeld’ – mocked Donald Trump over comments he made to Fox News reporter Chris Wallace on Sunday.

The ad begins with a “Trumpfeld” logo similar to that used on the 90’s sitcom Seinfeld and similar music to the show.

Mr Trump’s comments, which included denials about bad polling, were played alongside background laughter.

“First of all, I’m not losing,” the president told Mr Wallace, the laugh track plays. “Those are fake polls”.

The Fox News host had shown Mr Trump a new poll putting him eight percentage points behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Some 49 per cent of people polled told the network that Mr Biden had their vote in November, whilst 41 per cent said the same about Mr Trump.

“I have other polls that put me leading,” continued the president, as more audience laughter plays. “I have other polls that put me leading in every swing state.”

“You’re losing,” says Mr Wallace, as the president claims: “Not on my watch. It’s not gonna happen on my watch”.

The laugh track is also played as Mr Trump challenges the host to “take a test”, as he denied another Fox News poll in which voters said Mr BIden had more “mental soundness to serve effectively as president.”

“Joe and I will take a test. Let him take the same test that I took,” Mr Trump continues over more laughter. “Nobody’s done what I’ve done”.

The president was soon condemned over those claims, with Mr Wallace saying he took the same test.

“It’s not the hardest test. They have a picture, and it says ‘What’s that?’ and it’s an elephant,” Mr Wallace said.

The Lincoln Project ad ends with a statement saying: “Don’t you believe America deserves a president who doesn’t brag he can spot an elephant?”

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