Anti-mask rally for schools in Provo, Utah as US sees record COVID-19 cases

As the US sees record number of COVID-19 cases, protesters in Provo, Utah gather on Wednesday (July 15) to rally against the mandate to wear masks in schools. Governor Gary Herbert — who ordered last week that students, faculty and staff all wear masks on buses and in schools but stopped short of extending the mandate to all Utahns — is now being asked by Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee for a “compassionate exemption,” with a rally planned before Wednesday’s County Commission meeting in Provo. "We have more cases in our county than 8 states, and 124 countries, only 15 countries have a higher concentration of Covid-19 cases than Utah County. We have more deaths in Utah County than 89 nations, and we have leaders who fight against even the most sensible precautions. They and are willing to risk the lives of members of our community." said local resident and filmer John.