Anthony Bourdain eerily discussed his own death and funeral on ‘Parts Unknown’

On Sunday’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, one of the host’s final episodes took him to Indonesia where, before attending a local village’s funeral celebration, his conversation with a friend and resident named Lawrence eerily turned to Bourdain’s own death. After Bourdain says that he has thought about “how I want to go” and asked Lawrence how he wants to go, the question was turned to Bourdain. “Leave me in the jungle,” Bourdain said. “I don't want a party. Reported dead.” The moment struck a nerve with fans:

That wasn't the only scene that had fans feeling emotional. After an off-camera producer asked Bourdain to discuss a dish he was eating, the host said he would do it later in a voice over session.We don't need to talk about this food because I know it very, very well,” Bourdain said. “I will speak incredibly knowledgeably about it in voice over. Trust me.”Bourdain, who passed away on June 8th at the age of 61 from an apparent suicide, never had a chance to do the voice over. He was cremated on June 13th, but said in this episode that he had “zero interest” what actually happens to his physical remains, unless of course it could provide some “entertainment value.”“Throw me into a wood chipper, spray me into Harrods in the middle of the rush hour. That would be pretty epic. I wouldn't mind being remembered in that way,” Bourdain said.Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on CNN.Check out how Anthony Bourdain posthumously trolled Donald Trump on Parts Unknown:

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