Another benefit to iOS 7.1: App crashes seem to happen less often

Brad Reed
Apple releases iOS 7.1.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

We’ve already taken a look at a lot of the cool new features and fixes Apple has added with iOS 7.1 and now it seems that yet another benefit to the recently released update has cropped up: It apparently lowers the rate of app crashes. Re/code brings us word that mobile app performance management company Crittercism has found that the rate of app crashes for iOS 7.1 so far has been just 1.6%, which is less than the 2.1% app crash rate iOS 7 experienced. Of course, iOS 7.1 has also only been out for a week and there may not be enough of a sample size to firmly conclude that it has fixed a lot of the problems with crashing apps. Nonetheless, Crittercism has found that Apple has reduced the app crash rate with every new version of iOS it’s released over the past two years since both iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 saw apps crash more frequently than either iOS 7 release.

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