Another arrest in Denver deputy prisoner escape

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This photo provided by the Denver Police shows Felix Trujillo. The sheriff's department in Denver says a deputy has been arrested on suspicion that he helped Trujillo, a fugitive who left the county jail wearing a deputy's uniform. Sheriff's officials say 24-year-old Felix Trujillo was being held in connection with an aggravated robbery when he escaped Sunday night, April 7, 2013. (AP Photo/Denver Police)

DENVER (AP) — Denver police have arrested a man who escaped from the downtown jail, allegedly with the help of a sheriff's deputy.

Authorities said Felix Trujillo left the jail around 7 p.m. Sunday wearing parts of a sheriff's uniform. He was back in custody after turning himself in Wednesday.

Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Andrews was arrested Monday on accusations that he helped Trujillo escape.

Andrews' attorney says the deputy and his family felt threatened after a driver pulled up alongside Andrews, pointed a gun and said his life would be in danger unless he helped Trujillo get out of jail.

Also Wednesday, police said they've arrested 47-year-old Marilyn Reeves for investigation of aiding an escape. They didn't discuss her ties to Trujillo.

Trujillo was awaiting sentencing on aggravated robbery charges when he escaped.


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