An anonymous group of top US CEOs said they would hold off acting against Trump until after the Georgia recount. It's done.

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President Donald Trump. Getty
  • Top US CEOs said they would stay quiet about President Donald Trump's refusal to acknowledge that he lost the election, at least until the date of the recount in Georgia, according to the AP.

  • The Georgia recount is now done, and it confirmed Biden's win over Trump in the state.

  • The CEOs said they might make public statements or put pressure on Republican legislators in their states to distance themselves from Trump.

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An anonymous group of top US CEOs were waiting for the results of the recount of Georgia's presidential election recount before acting against Trump.

That recount is now done, and it confirmed Trump's loss in the state, which suggests they may now move against him.

The Associated Press reported last week that more than two dozen CEOs of major US companies met on November 6 to discuss the election, including what to do if Trump refused to leave office.

Most of the CEOs on the call have remained anonymous, but the Yale professor who convened the meeting told CNBC that its attendees included the heads of Disney, Blackstone, Johnson & Johnson, and other unnamed Fortune 500 companies.

The CEOs decided that Trump should be able to pursue his legal challenges but said they would act if Trump tried to unlawfully stay as president or interfere with the transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden, the AP reported.

Their actions could include speaking out publicly or putting pressure on Republican legislators in their states to stop them from trying to give Trump more Electoral College votes, the AP report said.

And they said they would decide what to do next after the results of the Georgia recount, which was completed on Thursday.

The recount was triggered by state law because Biden won by less than 0.5% of the vote. The recount confirmed Biden as the winner, though Biden would still have enough Electoral College votes to win the presidency even if he had lost the state to Trump.

Trump has launched a host of legal challenges across battleground states and not yet won any of them.

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