Announcement to remind fans to ‘Respect the Game’ at high school games after recent fights

Fans are getting so out of control at high school sports events, that a new pre-game announcement will remind them to behave.

“Sports in our passion. We live in Ohio we love our football and our basketball,” Ronda Frost, a Chaminade Julienne said.

As a way to prevent fans and students from fighting at games.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association will make an announcement before games to remind people to respect all parties.

“ALL fans are asked to respect the effort each of them has put forth preparing for today’s/tonight’s contest. We ask all attending to show courtesy and respect for fellow fans, officials, coaches, those administrating the contest and of course – your team and your opponent. And, as important today as ever, PLEASE ‘Respect the Game.’ the announcement reads.

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Here in the Miami Valley News Center 7 covered several fights.

There was a fight between fans of the Springfield and Wayne High School football game.

It spilled from the field into a neighborhood.

Also, a sideline crew member was assaulted at the Northeastern and Greenview games.

Doug Ute, executive director of OSHAA said there is more good than bad.

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“A student reads a student message at a basketball game and you pull a student out from the student section and you talk about the expectations that the students have for that contest,” Ute said.

Ronda Frost wants everyone to show up and support because students need it mentally.

We want you to act right but you’re stopping whatever support that child does have,” Frost said.

OSHAA will leave disciplinary action to the respective schools and districts.

The director said they would step in if necessary.