Anna Wintour, Accidental Punk Icon

Esther Zuckerman
May 6, 2013
Anna Wintour, Accidental Punk Icon

Tonight is the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala with the troublesome theme of "punk." Yes, the gala—and the corresponding exhibit—are causing problems for both celebs and punks. The exhibit was panned in Times, real-life punks see it as a watering down of a culture, and celebs just don't know what to wear. The woman at the center of all of this, per usual as the gala's official fashion ambassador/party host, is Vogue's editor Anna Wintour. It's hard to imagine Wintour, known for her perfection and love of Prada, getting down and dirty in the spirit of the theme, but some have endeavored to do so. And, yes, it's "Annarchy." 

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Today New York posted its alternate cover, featuring Anna with a purple streak in her hair and a nose ring, which was scrapped for a cover on the Boston bombings. 

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But perhaps even better is an effort from yet-to-launch fashion and lifestyle website The Upswing. Editorial director Aaron Gell told The Atlantic Wire in an email that while the site is set to launch in the middle of this month, they "couldn't bear to miss the social event of the season." He added: "We wanted to pay homage to the nutty confluence of glamour and punk rock happening tonight at the Met, and the idea was to picture Anna Wintour doing a little research to prepare for the big event. " Check out Wintour, photoshopped and hanging out with some real-life punks: 

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The red carpet live stream on the Met's website begins at 7 p.m. It should be an interesting one: Tiger Woods, Lindsay Vonn, and Kim Kardashian are among the attendees. How on Earth will they dress punk?