Ann Romney Is Talking Awkwardly About Money Now Too

Speaking on Fox News Monday, Ann Romney showed that her husband's habit of making uncomfortable references to their wealth is rubbing off. Attempting to make the point that there are things more important than money, she instead uttered, "I don't even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing. It can be here today gone tomorrow." During the same interview, speaking about the horseback riding therapy she uses to treat her multiple sclerosis, she said, according to Boston Globe reporter Michael Levenson, "Some people have lovers in every port; I have horses in every port." Surely she doesn't actually have a horse in every port (though she does have a very expensive collection of horses). But with a Cadillac in at least two ports, as her husband so helpfully pointed out last month, the comment, along with "I don't even consider myself wealthy," is bound to get a few raised eyebrows.

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Meanwhile, at an event Monday, Romney introduced his wife as "a heavyweight champion" before immediately laughing and correcting himself. "I didn't mean weight," he said. "That didn’t come out right. She’s just a great fighter is what I mean." Kind of an endearing gaffe, since Ann seemed to take it in stride, but still. Monday has been quite a day for Team Romney.

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Update March 6, 2012, 9:47 a.m.: Fox News has posted video of the interview so you can see it in full.