Ann Romney to co-host ‘Good Morning America’

Laura Byrne - The Daily Caller
The Daily Caller

America’s potential next first lady, Ann Romney, is set to co-host “Good Morning America” on Oct. 10, replacing normal anchor Robin Roberts.

ABC News has been trying to schedule her for the show since last summer, but the timing works well for the campaign — the show is scheduled for just a week after Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s successful showing in the first round of presidential debates.

ABC News is also working with first lady Michelle Obama to co-host the show on another date, if she can fit it into her schedule.

Ann Romney will likely aim to use the appearance to secure more votes for her husband, but because of security protocol, she will not be socializing with everyone outside the Times Square studio.

Roberts, who Romney is replacing, is on medical leave. After beating breast cancer five years ago, Roberts was diagnosed this year with myelodysplastic syndrome — a blood disease. Romney sympathized with Roberts after battling multiple sclerosis and undergoing a lumpectomy herself. Romney tweeted at Roberts “Keep on fighting. We all stand with you!”
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