Animal Attire Ruled 2015—And Not Just Because It’s ‘Cute’

Though plenty of cats and dogs are dressed up for the entertainment of their owners, other animals actually need extra apparel for a good reason. 2015 was a banner year for seeing the heartwarming results of dressing up needy chickens, horses, dogs, penguins, turtles and more in custom clothing.

In certain cases, a creature-sized sweater, mitten, or onesie helped save its life. And — let’s be honest — seeing a rescued pet donning a bright get-up is pretty darn adorable.

Yahoo Makers reported on rescued greyhounds that wear sweaters to stay warm in cold weather, rescue chickens without feathers that wear sweater vests for the same reason, even penguins pulled from oil slicks that need the extra warmth a sweater can provide

We’ve noticed that the trend of pets wearing clothes has gone from a pet-crazed owner quirk to mainstream hobby. The pet industry commands a $60 billion market share, as reported by the American Pet Products Association. You can bet that animal attire is a growing portion of that multi-billion dollar pot.

But the cases we’re highlighting here aren’t simply for entertainment or for a fashion statement. Here, animals both domesticated and wild take artificial gear beyond just a “fashion statement.” And we’re proud to highlight the human heroes who kitted these critters out when they needed it most.

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