Will Android TV be the next big thing for Google?

Jacob Siegal
December 27, 2013
How one man built the awesome Chromecast accessory Google should have made

While some of the biggest cable providers are attempting to shrink the market even further to keep consumers from cutting the cord, television manufacturers are still working to expand their reach. Digitimes reports via its research arm that the merging of the Google TV team and the Android team could be a sign that Google is looking to take a more substantial step into the TV market. According to the report, the success of “Chromecast will generate demand for Android TV in the market and turn the Android TV system into a core entertainment device in families because of its smartphone connectivity.” The future of Apple TV is still an exciting mystery, but as of this writing, Chromecast is the product perched atop Amazon’s best-selling electronics list, as it has been since it first debuted this past summer. Once again Google remains one step ahead of the competition.

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