Android is beating iOS in a way that Google will never brag about

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Android is beating iOS in a way that Google will never brag about

Google and Apple never hesitate to brag about things that their platforms supposedly do better than one another but we have a hard time imagining Google bragging about beating iOS in this particular metric. UberGizmo directs our attention to a new report from Pornhub showing that more porn traffic now comes from Android phones than from iPhones.

As you can see, Android phones accounted for nearly half of all porn traffic detected by Pornhub, while iPhones followed close behind at just over 40% of traffic. Predictably, the also-rans in the mobile platform wars, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, accounted for a meager portion of all porn traffic and posted percentages in the low single digits. However, we wouldn’t be shocked to see BlackBerry’s share surge once the Passport comes out — after all, if its display is good enough for doctors to use for examining x-rays of your lungs, we can’t imagine how great it will be for porn.

However, the picture changes drastically when we turn our attention to tablets, where Apple’s iPad still is in a dominant position compared to the assorted array of Android tablets on the market.

Although Microsoft doesn’t measure its success by how much porn traffic its tablets generate, the company should still be embarrassed that all of its Windows tablets still aren’t generating as much porn traffic as the ancient and officially obsolete BlackBerry Playbook.

Check out Pornhub’s full report by clicking the source link below.

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