Android 4.5 "Moonshine" Leak Shows Flat Redesign

Cherlynn Low, LAPTOP Staff Writer
Android 4.5 "Moonshine" Leak Shows Flat Redesign

If the rumors are true, Google may be departing from its dessert naming conventions when it comes to Android. The latest reported leak shows Android 4.5 is codenamed Moonshine, and it displays a iOS 7-like flat design.

According to the pictures obtained by Android Police, the redesigned icons for Calendar, YouTube and Maps have also shown up on a Google Partners page, seeming to confirm the leak.Manufacturers of Android devices such as Samsung and HTC have already tweaked the OS in their products such as the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 to feature similarly flat aesthetics.

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Google is still rolling out Kitkat 4.4.3, the latest available version, to its own Nexus devices in the coming days. Sprint has already released the update for its Nexus 5 phones. No word yet on when the Moonshine update is expected, but we might see some further evidence at Google's upcoming I/O conference in June.

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