Andrew Tate said he'd give $1M a month to Elon Musk after major companies suspended their ad campaigns on X. It's not nearly enough to help him.

Andrew Tate and Elon Musk
Andrew Tate and Elon Musk, who he has pledged $1m per month to.DANIEL MIHAILESCU, WPA Pool/Getty Images
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  • Several large companies have pulled ads on X after Elon Musk reposted an antisemitic remark.

  • But some right-wing influencers said they would bail him out, including Andrew Tate.

  • Tate pledged $1m per month, saying Musk wouldn't need anyone else.

Andrew Tate has stepped in to pledge funds to Elon Musk's X after antisemitism row caused several major companies to pull ads from the platform.

Tate, a controversial "manosphere" influencer who has made many derogatory remarks about women, was arrested and put under house arrest in Romania on rape and human trafficking charges in December 2022.

Tate has long been a supporter of Musk. The billionaire reinstated Tate on X when he took over the company in October 2022. Tate had originally been banned for life in 2017 when Jack Dorsey was in charge.

Since returning to X, Tate seems to be earning a significant amount under Elon Musk's content-creator plan, claiming he received $20,000 during one payout.

Big brands including Disney, Apple, and IBM have paused advertising on X after Musk reposted an antisemitic remark on his personal account, which said that "Jewish communities" push "hatred against whites," and support "hordes of minorities" entering Western countries.

"You have said the actual truth," Musk said alongside the post. He also posted several other comments, including an agreement that "reverse racism" against white people, and that what children are learning about slavery at school is "utter nonsense."

Musk's posts generated backlash and the ad pulls, but he stood firm in his opinions, labeling the advertisers as "the greatest oppressors of your right to free speech." He denied he was antisemitic.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," he said. "I wish only the best for humanity and a prosperous and exciting future for all."

His stance also garnered support. Several right-wing figures stepped in to express support for Musk, including Seth Dillon, the CEO of satirical site Babylon Bee, and commentator Tim Pool.

Tate was among them, and claimed he would fund Musk's advertising needs himself.

"I will advertise X on X," he wrote on X. "I will literally promote your own platform on this platform."

He then pledged $1m a month.

"You dont need other advertisers," he wrote. "Simply let me know where to pay @elonmusk."

Though Tate's offer seems extreme, it pales in comparison to the amount X earned from just one of its major advertisers, Apple, which totaled approximately $100 million in 2022, Bloomberg reported.

Whether Tate actually has the funds to fill the gap left by massive corporations, though, is another question.

Tate has previously claimed to be a trillionaire, but many suspect he inflates his wealth. Sources from Romania's DIICOT agency — the body currently investigating Tate — told The Sun the worth of the assets seized from him and his brother Tristan, including luxury cars, watches, properties, and Bitcoin, total around £10m ($12.4m).

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