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Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

If a public restroom can be described as "memorable," that's usually not a good thing.

But amid the grossness and blandness of public restrooms in these great United States of America, there are a few that buck the trend. Restrooms so beautiful, so unique, so — dare we say — flush-tastic that they demand to be honored.

Since there is no Nobel Prize for best restroom (yet), we'll have to make do with the next best thing — Cintas' America's Best Restroom Contest. This year's winner is the combo men's/women's restroom at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, Minn. And it's easy to see why it won.

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Yahoo News spoke with Lindsay Erickson, catering and sales event manager at the Varsity Theater. She said the staff was "very surprised" about the win, although she did acknowledge that the restroom is well known. "People do sometimes come in just to see the bathroom," she said.

Among the restroom's features (aside from indoor plumbing): a large window (tastefully placed) that looks down onto the stage, so people who must answer the call of nature can feel like they're part of the party. Also worth noting are the rainshower-head sinks and the room's incredible design.

Ericson said the owner built the restroom himself. A few years ago, it underwent a $1.5 million restoration. She said the staff has never had any problems with vandals.

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