Amtrak asks woman if she's still trapped in elevator months later

For Amanda Carpenter, getting trapped in an elevator was a nightmare. 

Back in February, the former communication director for Sen. Ted Cruz found herself in an unfavorable situation: she was trapped in an Amtrak elevator at Baltimore–Washington International Airport. 

In an attempt to free herself from the commuter prison, Carpenter tweeted to her 90,000+ followers asking for help.

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To make matters worse, the elevator's certificate of compliance was well past its expiration date. 

On Wednesday, nearly seven months later, Amtrak came to Carpenter's rescue and responded to her original tweet, asking if she was still trapped inside the elevator.

Amtrak later cleared up the confusion by stating that someone had recently re-tweeted the call for help, which put it back on its radar.

While social media slip-ups from brands are the norm on Twitter, Amtrak's failure to notice how much time had passed was a breath of fresh air. It was an honest mistake that anyone could have made. 

After the tweet gained some attention, Amtrak attempted to remedy the situation by offering Carpenter a free ride on its Acela service. 

After all, Amtrak actually did respond to Carpenter's original tweet back in February, only 16 minutes after she originally reached out.

Regardless, the damage was done and the internet was highly amused.