American pride: Monrovia family-owned business promotes Made in USA products

MONROVIA — Despite global supply chain issues, a local business owner is working to deliver American-made products to his customers in time for the holidays.

Brian Clark, a Monrovia native, has owned and operated CEG Supply alongside his wife Jennifer for over five years.

"It was so hard to find things that are made in America," Clark says. "I kind of made it my quest to find products that were made in the USA."

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Currently, CEG Supply is only an e-commerce company, but Clark is hoping to expand to a brick-and-mortar operation in the future.

"There really weren't a whole lot of places that were trying to put things under one roof where you could find them easily," Clark said. "That's kind of how we started CEG Supply — trying to bring all the American-made products into one general store."

CEG Supply offers a variety of products from cutlery and soaps to gun cases, toys, houseware and pet products.

"We want to find the right products that are good brands," he said. "There are a lot of companies that will say they're American-made, but they really aren't."

Clark explained that Amazon resellers can list the origin of the product as the USA, even if the product originated from elsewhere.

"People think that they're getting something from the United States and they're really not," he said.

Brian Clark pictured with many of the products offered by CEG Supply.
Brian Clark pictured with many of the products offered by CEG Supply.

"Most of the stuff that we put in our store, we have personally used and are familiar with the brands," he said.

Clark believes the supply chain issues affecting the global economy have led to a greater desire for American made products.

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"There's a lot of people finding that their stuff that they ordered isn't coming in for months," he said. "Especially in the manufacturing sector...and that's just not acceptable."

Clark said purchasing products made in America also helps create jobs within the United States.

"We have better labor practices...our laws on pollution are more strict, so if you're worried about the environment, made in America is better for the environment," he said. "And that's kind of our goal, to help create American jobs and support our economy."

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