'American Idol's' Nigel Lythgoe Pontificates On The Likelihood Of A 'Pia Rule'

Nigel Lythgoe chats with Access at a BritWeek event in Los Angeles on April 26, 2011 -- Access Hollywood

Only six contestants remain in the running for the title of Season 10's "American Idol" - but are they the right picks?

According to the mega reality hit's executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, they most definitely are.

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"Yes, they are. Most certainly the right ones," Nigel told Access Hollywood of the six remaining "Idol" hopefuls at the BritWeek 2011 event in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Though Nigel believes the six would-be artists left vying for the title deserve their place among the "Idol" finalists, the spunky Brit said he was pleased to hear booted contestant Pia Toscano's melodious voice flowing into the "Idol" studio on Tuesday, as she performed on the neighboring "Dancing with the Stars" stage.

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"Pia was singing tonight on 'Dancing with the Stars,' so we heard her last note just as we left, because we were in the studio next door," Nigel explained. "She's got such a fabulous voice [that] it came across to our studio."

Despite Pia's "fabulous" voice, Nigel told Access that although there was initially talk of changing the "Idol" voting system following her shocking elimination, the rules would most likely remain the same.

"No, I don't think it's going to happen," Nigel answered, when asked if the show plans to implement a "Pia rule" to change voting structure. "We'll certainly discuss it -- we discuss every aspect of the show. We'll be doing so again at the end of this season."

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Nigel, who originally hails from England, also revealed he won't be able to watch the royal wedding live - as he'll be on a flight to London at that time - but said he's delighted about the impending union of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

"I'm really hoping the royal couple will keep it together," Nigel said. "I think it's a wonderful time for them to get married - there [are] terrible things occurring in the world and we need something like this to buck up our spirits. So, I'm very happy.

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"I wish them so much love and luck," he enthusiastically added.

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