American Horror Story season 8: all you need to know

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Photo credit: FX

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American Horror Story: Cult has now finished and everyone's still reeling from that final episode.

But they're not so freaked out that they don't want to start speculating about what'll happen next season – that's because season eight looks set to be as politically charged as Cult. And probably as shocking, knowing creator Ryan Murphy.

And, if fan theories are to be believed, American Horror Story season eight will radically change the way you look at the show.

There's not much official information out there at the moment, but we've collected every quote, comment and rumour we could find. Do bookmark this page for future updates, because this is where we're going to keep all the latest news.

American Horror Story season 8 cast: Who's in it?

Nothing's confirmed yet, but showrunner Ryan Murphy has reportedly been reaching out to the stars of the first season, and the third season, for American Horror Story's first major crossover, which will turn the show into a shared universe.

The writer has previously hinted that the spirits from season one and the witches from season three could come together in the future, and it looks like season eight's going to be when it happens.

"I've started going to actors from both of the seasons, quietly, saying, 'I think in this window, if you could fit us in... so yeah, it's fun. It's weird," he told Entertainment Weekly last year.

That could see a return to the franchise for the likes of Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott, as well as returning regulars Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga and Denis O'Hare. We haven't seen Jessica Lange on AHS since Freak Show, she was missing from Hotel, Roanoke and Cult – so we'd love it if she made her glorious return next year.

American Horror Story season 8 cast: What's it about?

Photo credit: Fox
Photo credit: Fox

While the theme is a long way off from being confirmed, there's been plenty of speculation.

"[Ryan Murphy] and I have had a preliminary conversation, and I can tell you that the thought of it is very exciting to me," Cult star Sarah Paulson has said about season eight.

"Sometimes he'll have a big idea. I've had him tell me things before that were going to be the whole thing that ultimately never turned into the season. So what I'm saying is, I have had a conversation [with] him, something that is percolating.

"I do not think it's been decided. I think it's a percolating thing. It got me very excited. Whether or not I'll actually do that or that will be the story remains to be seen."I have said before to [Ryan] that anything he decides to come up with, I'm always so game and on board with because it's obviously been a wild ride for me. But there have been some preliminary conversations."I hope it's the one I hope it is; let's put it that way. I've heard more than one idea and there's one in particular I really hope lands."

As for what that one idea could be, well, fans have a theory.

AHS addicts have noticed a bit of a pattern recently. Season six, Roanoke, mirrored many aspects of season one. Cult was reminiscent of the second season, Asylum, in several ways. So, expect season eight to have a lot of shared elements with season three (especially if that crossover does happen), which was Coven.

If so, expect Murphy to continue with Cult's politics, potentially theming season eight around the idea of witch-hunts. American Horror Story: Hunt, anyone?

American Horror Story season 8 cast: When will we get to see it?

Photo credit: FX
Photo credit: FX

There's been another American Horror Story pattern over the years. Since Coven, it's been broadcasting earlier and earlier. Coven aired on October 9, 2103. Freak Show, October 8, 2014. Hotel was October 7, 2015. Roanoke aired even earlier – September 14, 2016. Then Cult aired on September 5, 2017. Going by this pattern, we'd expect season eight to air in early September in 2018, somewhere between the 1st and the 4th of the month.

As to where it'll fall in our rankings of every season (which we've updated to include Cult), only the devil knows. But, if season eight matches season seven's quality, expect it to place highly!

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