America Hates Journalists :'(

Niraj Chokshi

We try so hard, but to no avail. The Pew Research Center on Thursday released its latest survey of public opinion on various professions and journalists' reputations have taken quite a hit, compared to four years ago. And everyone's losing respect for reporters, despite their age, education level and partisan leanings.

The question Pew posed to 4,006 adults was how much a given profession contributed to society. Only 28 percent said journalists contributed "a lot," putting the profession just above business executives and lawyers. Members of the military, teachers and doctors were the best-regarded in the poll.

Four years ago, journalists were more highly regarded, with 38 percent saying they contributed "a lot" to society. Women lost more respect for reporters than any other demographic group, reflected in a decline in that response from 46 percent to 29 percent. Men saw the smallest decline—just two ticks down to 28 percent.