Amazon's One More Thing: A 4G-Powered Kindle Fire HD

Peter Pachal

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just borrowed a move from Steve Jobs's playbook, surprising the tech world at the company's big California event by unveiling a surprise product at the very end of his presentation: a Kindle Fire HD tablet with a 4G LTE wireless connection.

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Bezos set up the product by asking the question, "What would a $499 Amazon tablet look like?" He said there was only one feature that would justify such a high price tag: 4G LTE connectivity. He then revealed Amazon would sell a 4G version of the tablet he had unveiled only minutes before, the Kindle Fire HD.

The 4G Kindle Fire HD will only come in the 8.9-inch size and include 32GB of storage.

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Importantly, the LTE connection comes at a low price of $50 a year, which includes 20GB of cloud storage. However, the data is capped at 250MB per month. It's not known if users will be able to purchase more data.

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