Amazon withdraws books about King Charles' cancer amid concern they were written by AI

King Charles appeared in public on Sunday in Sandringham
King Charles appeared in public on Sunday in Sandringham - Karwai Tang/WireImage

Amazon has stopped selling several books said to have been written by Artificial Intelligence after concerns they contained false information about the King’s cancer diagnosis.

Buckingham Palace said any titles speculating about his diagnosis and treatment are “intrusive, insensitive and filled with inaccuracies” and its legal team will be “looking at the issue closely”.

The books contained speculation about which type of cancer Charles has, including both skin cancer and prostate cancer, according to a report by the Mail on Sunday.

They also claimed to contain details of when the King discovered his condition, including that he felt “fear, anger and despair”.

Amazon said it has removed titles that “violated our content guidelines”.

It comes after Buckingham Palace said the King, who acceded to the throne 17 months ago, has a “form of cancer”.

He was diagnosed after a “separate issue of concern was noted” and was investigated while he was being treated for his benign enlarged prostate.

The Palace has not said which form of cancer Charles has been diagnosed with, but has said that it is not prostate cancer.

Charles has postponed all public-facing duties, but is continuing with behind-the-scenes work on his red boxes of state papers.

The 75-year-old left Clarence House on Tuesday, the day after starting his treatment, following a brief reunion with the Duke of Sussex, and attended church in Sandringham, Norfolk, on Sunday morning.

The books were all advertised as having been written by unknown authors, and self-published on the Amazon site.

One biography identified by the Mail on Sunday was titled ‘The King’s Battle: Charles III and His Fight Against Cancer’, and published on Amazon on February 5, the same day the King’s cancer was announced.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: “Any such titles speculating about His Majesty’s diagnosis and treatment are intrusive, insensitive and filled with inaccuracies.

“Our legal team will be looking at the issue closely. We call on any individuals or organisations facilitating their sale to withdraw them immediately.”

An Amazon spokesperson said: “Amazon is constantly evaluating emerging technologies and is committed to providing the best possible shopping, reading and publishing experience for authors and customers.

“We have content guidelines governing which books can be listed for sale and promptly investigate any book when a concern is raised.

“We invest significant time and resources to ensure our guidelines are followed, and remove books that do not adhere to these guidelines.

“While we allow AI-generated content, we don’t allow AI-generated content that violates our content guidelines, including content that creates a disappointing customer experience.

“We have removed the titles we found that violated our content guidelines.”

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