Amazon Plans 4K Content for October

Tom's Guide / Marshall Honorof
August 28, 2014
Amazon Plans 4K Content for October

Early adopters who own 4K TVs are largely both delighted with the picture quality and frustrated by the lack of things to watch in UHD. If they can hold out until October, they'll find a few new selections, as Amazon's original shows will start streaming in full 4K resolution.

Information comes by way of 4K TV manufacturer Samsung. Samsung plans to show off its television chops next week at the IFA conference in Berlin, and explained that by this fall, its TVs will play host to 4K content from Amazon and Netflix as well as European services Maxdome, Wuaki and Chili.

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At present, Amazon plays host to about a dozen ongoing original series with a pretty even split between adult and kids' programming. Among other shows, Amazon produces and distributes the John Goodman-led political comedy Alpha House, the tech sitcom Betas and educational animated show Tumble Leaf. Amazon has previously stated that each of its original series will be shot and distributed in 4K.

Amazon's programming push may drive some new 4K TV buyers, but the five services Samsung name-checked may be less important to the overall success of 4K technology than you'd think. A recent study from the NPD reveals that North American and European markets are still embracing 4K TVs in a very hesitant fashion, while China — where none of the five services is available —can't get enough of them.

Still, Amazon produces a large number of shows, and its selection is likely to continue growing over the next year. It may not be worth running out and buying a 4K TV just for Alpha House in UHD, but if you wanted a 4K TV anyway, at least you'll have something new to watch.

Tom's Guide will check out Samsung's 4K lineup firsthand at IFA next week.

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