The amazing way five strangers saved a woman who was being followed

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Photo credit: Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Depressingly, we live in a world where sexual harassment is more prevalent than ever. But it's also being spoken about more than ever, with movements like #MeToo galvanising people into action to take a stand.

And it seems it's working. Because in a recent Twitter thread, a young woman described the incredible way she and four other complete strangers took action to help another woman who was being followed by a creepy man in the street.

Actor Pia Glenn shared the story on Twitter, and despite having posted the series of tweets less than twelve hours ago, has already received thousands of likes, retweets, and messages of support.

Pia and the four other strangers' actions demonstrate just how important - and empowering - it is to take a stand when you see something unacceptable going on. And Twitter responded accordingly.

"My heart is so full right now," wrote one follower. "Thank you, even though you definitely didn't do it for that. May your kindness and bravery be returned to tenfold".

Another added: "Your actions are beautiful and make me cry. I was just remembering today the times I had to make a loud fuss to not be attacked or shield someone more vulnerable from attack. And I was alone. *fist in the air!*"

Nobody knows what would have happened if five entirely different people had crossed that young woman's path and decided not to respond to her cries for help. But thankfully she was surrounded by people who cared, and was made to feel instantly safer.

Points to you, Pia.

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