'Amazing Spider-Man' 3 & 4 delayed, Marvel makes immediate counter

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Sony's announcement that its "Amazing Spider-Man" franchise was going to cool off led Marvel to snap up the vacated May 4, 2018 for itself -- and perhaps "The Avengers 3."

Bumping "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" from June 2016 to sometime in 2018 leaves its other superpowered piece, "The Sinister Six," better room to breathe come November 11, 2016.

In response to Marvel's extensive multi-year superhero crossover, Fox's rejuvenated "X-Men" universe, and Warner Bros' path towards "Batman v. Superman," "The Sinister Six" instead sides with a clutch of supervillains, as written and directed by Drew Goddard of "Cloverfield," "The Cabin in the Woods" and "World War Z."

And though "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" made good bank at over $700m on a $200m budget since April, the webslinger's box office pull has been declining since Sam Raimi closed the "Spider-Man" trilogy in 2007.

Responding almost immediately to the July 23 rescheduling was Marvel, already beefing up for a head-on collision between "Batman v. Superman" and its own "Captain America 3" on May 6, 2016.

Having recently projected release dates for five new Marvel movies between July 2017 and May 2019, Marvel moved to announce its intentions for May 4, 2018, in the absence of "The Amazing Spider-Man 4."

"The timing would be right for 'Avengers 3,'" noted The Hollywood Reporter, observing a similar three-year gap between the first "Avengers" released in May 2012 and the second, "Avengers: Age of Ultron," which is being prepared for May 2015.