Amazing Kids Rap About Science (VIDEO)

Science education will never be the same in New York City thanks to Dr. Chris Emdin.

The Columbia University professor is on a mission to engage students in science through rap music—and it's working.

"You're finally getting urban America to be reinterested in science," Emdin said in the ABC News video.

The pilot program called Science Genius is set up at 10 public schools with about 300 students participating. This year, it culminated in a hip-hop competition where the winner received a pass to the Museum of Natural History and a day in the recording studio with rapper GZA, of Wu-Tang Clan, who has been actively involved in the Science Genius program.

Because of the program, kids are showing up for school, their grades are on the rise, and they are actually interested in science.

"We all hated our science class before," Victoria Richardson, 14, said to The New York Times. "Now I can't wait till Friday to go to science class."

"Everybody can related to hip-hop but not everyone can relate to science so when you put them together, it becomes something beautiful," Jabari Johnson said in the ABC News video after his triumphant victory.

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