Alyson Hannigan shares before-and-after pics from ‘DWTS’: ‘20 pounds of both weight and emotional baggage’

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Alyson Hannigan is celebrating her transformation from beginning to end of Season 32 of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Hannigan, who finished in fifth place this season, posted two photos side-by-side on her Instagram Dec. 9. The first photo was Hannigan’s promo shot from the show, while the second picture was taken at the finale on Dec. 5.

In both snaps, the “How I Met Your Mother” star donned a silver fringe dress, showcasing her body transformation after months of strenuous training.

“The before and after says it all,” Hannigan wrote in the caption. “I lost 20 pounds of both weight and emotional baggage during my time on @dancingwiththestars.”

She went on to thank her dance partner, Sasha Farber, adding, “I can’t thank @sashafarber1 enough for helping me shed my insecurities and getting me to the confident and strong place I am today!”

The 49-year-old actor reflected on her “DWTS” journey as a whole on social media in the days after the finale, celebrating the memories and friends she made as well as her personal achievements.

“I’ve learned that I am capable of doing things that I’ve told myself my whole life that I’m not capable of doing (I’m literally flying in this Freestyle!!!), and to really just go in with a positive attitude and try and work hard,” she added in the caption of her Instagram post Dec. 6. “The fact that I got to perform in the finale to me is a win.”

In another post shared on Dec. 8, Hannigan posted a video montage on Instagram that included several behind-the-scenes moments of her time on the show.

The former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star opened up more about her time on the show and shared her gratitude for the experience and to the crew.

She also had another special note dedicated to Farber, writing in part, “To go into this journey with mostly fear, and come out how I feel now is indescribable.”

“I cannot thank @sashafarber1 enough for everything he gave me, shared with me and experienced with me,” she added. “I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for giving me confidence and making me feel like I could do this and then getting me there and having so much fun along the way.”

Over the course of the competition leading up to the finale, Hannigan and Farber danced a Viennese waltz to “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, a Paso Doble to “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse, and the jive to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift and “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins.

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