Alpha Sigma Capital purchases DigitalBits XDB token worth $1m

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Cryptocurrency investment fund Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC) has announced it is supporting the DigitalBits blockchain through its purchase of $1,000,000 in XDB tokens.

Considered the second generation of stablecoins, a Branded Stablecoin enhances the relationship that exists between the brand and consumer.

ASC, which was founded by a former Nasdaq strategist, claims that Branded Stablecoins “heighten market intelligence” which generates more effective insights into consumer needs, while allowing brands to adapt to increasingly competitive marketing schemes.

“The team and ecosystem supporting DigitalBits have the experience and expertise to help global brands migrate into this new era of tokenised digital assets that can be leveraged across multiple platforms while acting as an incentive and loyalty driver,” said Enzo Villani, CEO of Alpha Sigma Capital.

KPMG released a survey report in 2019 discussing how digital tokenisation is poised to transform commerce. The survey details how more and more people are opening up to the idea of how blockchain technology can transform loyalty programs with 55% of respondents saying that tokens will enable them to make better use of loyalty reward points.

Blockchains such as DigitalBits will make it easier for consumers to utilise loyalty rewards including the $16 billion in points value which is unredeemed annually. Starbucks demonstrates a lucrative reward program although not blockchain, its loyalty rewards program accounts for approximately 40% of all US sales.

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