Alexandria Sports Bar Criticized For Not Showing WNBA Final

Glory Days Grill will have a Mystics rally after not showing the women's basketball game when NFL games were on.

ALEXANDRIA, VA—As the Washington Mystics play in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) final for the first time, an Alexandria sports bar faced backlash from a Washington Mystics player for not showing a game.

Mystics player Natasha Cloud took to social media after Glory Days Grill staff reportedly would not show game two of the WNBA final Sunday as NFL opening games were on. Her family had entered the bar and asked to turn on the Mystics vs. Seattle Storm game. She told The Washington Post a manager "laughed in their face."

According to The Post, Cloud he wrote in her Instagram story, "Denied my family the ability to watch my game broadcasted on @espn yesterday. Out of all 30 screens … 1 couldn’t be turned to women’s basketball because 'football' was on."

Glory Days Grill, which opened in August, reached out to Cloud with an apology.

"Our policy is to accommodate all requests for games whenever possible, and we want to issue a public apology to Natasha Cloud, the Mystics, and all fans of women’s sports who feel that we let them down," Glory Days Grill spokesperson Charissa Bauhaus said in a statement to The Post. "We recognize and admire the work these women have put in to get where they are, and we are committed to celebrating them EVERY DAY (and not just during the Playoffs)."

The dispute prompted an invitation to Cloud's family from another Old Town Alexandria restaurant.

All ended well, however. Glory Days Grill is hosting a Mystics rally during game three Wednesday, Sept. 12 from 6 p.m.- 9 p.m. featuring giveaways, $10.99 ribs and face painting. The game begins at 8 p.m. Going into Wednesday's game, the Seattle Storm lead the series 2-0.

Image via Nick Wass/Associated Press