Alexander Lincoln's new gay role has us breaking a sweat

New gay romance film casts some major hotties for its leads
New gay romance film casts some major hotties for its leads
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Alexander Lincoln took all of us by surprise with his role as Mark Newton in In from the Side, a gay romance about two rugby players who wind up in an adulterous affair with a couple who, quite frankly, could also pass as brothers.

Lincoln addressed his sexual identity after people accused him of queerbaiting from the film, since many had already known and been fans of him from his time on the British soap Emmerdale. However, the actor admitted he was “not straight” and had always viewed sexual attraction as “more to do with the person than their gender.”

Lincoln also promised to remain visible within the queer community after telling Attitude that the conversation about sexuality was an important one to put at the forefront. Fortunately, he's delivering on his promise with another gay film titled On A Winter Night alongside fellow actor Jack Brett Anderson (Wolfblood, Acceptable Damage).

Ignoring the fact that the two actors once again look like brothers, the longline for the film, written by Diego Scerrati and directed by Liam Calvert, reads: “Two strangers. One night. A quest for redemption.”

We have a lot of questions, but what we don’t yet have are a lot of answers. With that in mind, we also have a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo headed by Scerrati trying to raise funds for the film. Though the campaign is closed to new backers, the page delves deeper into how the plot of the story follows a stone-broke gay actor named Lukas who crosses paths with a man named Oliver on a night he wants to commit suicide. Oliver has some issues of his own, and as “their unlikely connection deepens, haunting pasts resurface, threatening to unravel their mission for redemption and purpose.”

Mysterious, indeed, with the redemption quest still unknown.

As of this writing, the filming hasn’t started yet, and the crowdfunding page shows the team only raised 36% of their goal. However, the film poster attached to the film’s Instagram page stated filming starts next week, and also added Beth Rylance (Extraordinary) and In from the Side alum Kane Surry to the cast.

While we wait, watch the crowdfunding video from Scerrati to promote the film and get some initial backers: