Alex Murdaugh addresses victims in financial crimes trial: ‘I did terrible things’

Convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh addressed victims of his state financial crimes in a South Carolina court at his sentencing Tuesday.

“Your pain and your hurt is palpable, it’s reasonable,” Murdaugh said in a video posted online by The Recount. “I promise you that it resonates with me. I understand.”

Murdaugh struck a plea deal nearly two weeks ago in his financial crimes case, just days before the state trial was set to begin. He has agreed to plead guilty in Beaufort County Court to more than a dozen counts including money laundering, breach of trust and financial fraud in exchange for a 27-year sentence.

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BestReviews is reader-supported and may earn an affiliate commission.

“I hope that the time will come when you can look back and know that despite the terrible things that I did, that I care about each one of you,” Murdaugh said wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. “I did terrible things. Each of you placed your trust in me, I was very proud of that, and I am still today, honored by that fact.”

Taking the plea deal will add more prison time to Murdaugh’s life sentence after he was convicted earlier this year of killing his wife and son in 2021.

He pleaded guilty in September in federal court to 22 counts of financial fraud and money laundering.

Murdaugh was a longtime lawyer accused of stealing millions in legal settlements from injured clients or families of those killed on the job. He has been accused of stealing millions from his law firm and avoiding hundreds of thousands in state income taxes.

He addressed the victims in court Tuesday and said it is important for him to have them know that he is bothered by the things he did.

“After hours, days, weeks, months of self-reflection, I know now that I took more and more because I was hiding or attempting to hide from the reality of the things that I was doing to all of you,” he said.

South Carolina prosecutor Creighton Waters for the state Attorney General’s Office recounted Murdaugh’s thefts on Tuesday and accused the former lawyer of stealing $12.4 million from clients, The Associated Press reported.

Murdaugh was convicted of the fatal shootings of his wife and son in March and is serving life in prison without parole but his lawyers are seeking a new trial in the murder case.

He has denied guilt in the shootings since his indictment. Prosecutors have alleged that he killed his wife and son to gain pity because he knew he would be exposed for various financial crimes.

Prosecutors initially charged him with 101 financial crimes involving 18 victims. The plea deal reduced it to 22 crimes against each of the victims, the AP reported.

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