Alex Jones claims authorities want to take his expensive cat because he's bankrupt. He's leaving out the fact he gave his wife and parents $1.3 million last year.

Alex Jones
InfoWars founder Alex Jones speaks to the media in September 2022.Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images
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  • Bankrupt Alex Jones owes almost $1.5 billion in court-awarded damages to Sandy Hook families.

  • His wife shared a video of him on Thursday complaining that authorities want to take his cat.

  • Authorities scrutinizing his finances may be more interested in the $1.3 million he transferred to relatives.

Far-right provocateur Alex Jones, who owes almost $1.5 billion in court-awarded damages to the families of Sandy Hook victims, is now accusing authorities of trying to take his cat away, because of his bankruptcy proceedings.

Jones' wife, Erika Wulff Jones, posted a bizarre video on Twitter on Thursday of her husband complaining about the authorities' attitude towards the pet.

In the video, Jones said he attended a bankruptcy hearing with Justice Department officials earlier that day, where they spent "five minutes" of a three-hour hearing talking about his cat.

"This is Mushu," Jones said, cradling the animal in his arms. He estimated the two-year-old cat was worth around $2,000.

"They were very serious about the cat and its value, and they may want the cat for the Sandy Hook families," he said.

Jones also said that they wanted to know if "assets were hidden in the cat."

He claimed it was harassment.


Jones has previously been accused by lawyers of the Sandy Hook families of shielding his assets in the aftermath of the landmark defamation lawsuits.

In November, The Washington Post reported that Jones had transferred millions of dollars out of his InfoWars parent company to entities controlled by friends and families, ahead of its bankruptcy filing.

A more recent revelation showed that Jones had paid more than $1.3 million to his wife and his parents, David Ross Jones and Carol Jones, according to a bankruptcy filing from February 14, 2023.

Jones' personal bankruptcy has so far protected him from paying out defamation judgments and creditor collection efforts, but he is required to list all the personal and household items he owns.

Jones listed three homes in Austin, Texas, three cars, two boats, several guns, and more. Bankruptcy paperwork also showed that he's spending almost $100,000 a month on expenses, even as the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit continues to move its way through the courts.

Jones also put his cat on his list of personal and household possessions, but it's likely authorities have bigger assets to go after.

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