Alec Baldwin Talks Cannes Photo Incident & Why He Thinks Daughter Ireland Baldwin Can Handle Fame

Alec Baldwin speaks with Access Hollywood's Michelle Beadle in NYC, June 6, 2013 -- Access Hollywood

Alec Baldwin learned a very valuable lesson at the recent Cannes Film Festival - never sweep your wife off her feet in front of the media.

"I will never pick my wife up again at a film festival," he told Access Hollywood's Michelle Beadle as she interviewed him about his new series, National Geographic Channel's "Night of Exploration," beginning June 14 at 8 PM ET/PT.

This year, when Alec tried to make picking up his wife and carrying her at Cannes a tradition (he did it in 2012 too), he didn't manage to scoop up her dress when he lifted up Hilaria Baldwin, and she was caught revealing a little too much in front of photographers.

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"She had a few choice words," Alec told Michelle of his wife's reaction afterward.

Alec and Hilaria are expecting a daughter. The fact that he has a baby on the way, and daughter Ireland (her mom is Kim Basinger) is getting ready to turn 18, is something Alec said he could never have imagined happening.

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"If you could go back to when you were 25 or 30, and think how your life would turn out... I never imagined I would be sitting at a table with my wife having a baby and I have a daughter that's almost 18 years old," he told Michelle. "It's bizarre."

Ireland is becoming a celebrity in her own right, recently launching her modeling career, but Alec isn't worried about how she'll handle fame as a model or actress.

"The good news is my daughter is someone who... somewhat understands," he told Michelle. "It's hard at that age to have that wisdom that beauty comes and goes.

"Her mother is obviously one of the most beautiful women that [has] ever lived -- and even divorce doesn't muddy my view of that. Kim is one of the most beautiful women that ever lived and even Ireland sees that, that fades or it's not necessarily the coin of the realm for very long," Alec continued. "And, she's funny. She's smart, she's clever... I think that's what's going to carry her through if she has a career in acting."

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