Albany Tech refreshes Electrical Systems construction program

Jan. 24—ALBANY — Albany Technical College will hold a special refresh presentation Wednesday for its NCCER Electrical Systems Construction and Maintenance program.

The event will take place at 10 a.m. in Albany Tech's Carlton Construction Academy, Room 124. Program refreshes are used by ATC to introduce existing programs to the community with a new perspective. They provides fresh energy for the program, creating curiosity for those interested in a new career. Technology and instruction often may have changed over the years, and what is presented is entirely new information to the service area.

"As the program chair and instructor of the Industrial Electrical and Electrical Construction program at Albany Technical College, I am incredibly proud to be able to offer this specialized training to our students," Ebony Johnson said in an ATC news release. "The knowledge and skills they gain from this program are invaluable and positively impact our community and region. We are providing our students with the tools they need to fill these important roles in our industry and community."

Those interested in how electricity is generated and then travels from the power plant to homes and businesses might consider a career in electrical construction. Electricians install and maintain all electrical and power systems for homes, businesses and factories. They install and maintain the wiring and control equipment through which electricity flows, including electrical equipment and machines in factories and a wide range of other businesses. Electricians are used for wiring new homes, restaurants, schools and other structures, including older buildings that need improvements to their electrical systems to meet modern building and occupancy codes.

Students enrolled in the Electrical Systems Construction and Maintenance program will develop skills to work safely in a residential or commercial environment and be prepared to inspect, install, maintain and repair electrical systems. They will learn about direct and alternating circuits, how to interpret electrical prints and schematics, how to wire structures, and how to maintain their operation while applying the National Electric Code.

Program graduates receive a diploma in Electrical Systems Construction and Maintenance, with a specialization in residential or industrial applications, and three Technical Certificates of Credit: Basic Electrical Systems Technician NCCER, Intermediate Electrical Systems Technician NCCER, and Electrical Systems assistant. Graduates can begin entry-level jobs in residential or commercial electrical construction. Most electricians are employed by electrical contracting firms, while others work in various industries. About 10% of electricians are self-employed.

For more information about the NCCER Electrical Systems Construction & Maintenance program, contact Johnson at (229) 430-1722 or .