Akin Wins Missouri Primary

Julie Sobel
National Journal

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Akin Defeats Brunner, Steelman In Senate Primary - AP.

  • With 81 percent of precincts reporting, Rep. Todd Akin has 36 percent to businessman John Brunner's 30 percent and former Treasurer Sarah Steelman's 29 percent. The AP has called the race for Akin.
  • It's a come-from-behind win for the congressman, who lagged throughout the primary. While Brunner and Steelman ran negative ads, Akin stayed positive and above the fray in his television spots.
  • Akin was boosted in the closing weeks of the primary by Sen. Claire McCaskill, who ran ads emphasizing Akin's conservatism. Democrats believe Akin is the weakest opponent, but McCaskill will face a tough race regardless in a Republican-trending state. For more, go to Hotline On Call.